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I am an Assistant Professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology and a consulting historian of computing, specializing in computer networks, network security, and the Internet. I also work with Google, USC-ISI, and ICANN as a contractor, and Keio University as a project member. I am Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) research project concerning the (cyber) security of enterprise networks. Finally, I am writing a book for The MIT Press.

I use a historical framework to study the design, technical administration, and societal impact of internet architectures. These architectures include the Domain Name System, Internet Protocol address spaces, and encryption protocols. Some of the issues in which I am interested include:

  • the political and economic factors that structure protocol design,
  • the ways that architectures place requirements on (human) organizations for their technical administration,
  • the interactions between this technical administration and other social forces such as policy, geopolitics, and the private sector, and
  • how this sociotechnical internet, in turn, impacts societal phenomenon, such as economic activity and national security.

You can read more about my research and publications; also available are some recent talks and academic work.

You can reach me at bfidler@stevens.edu and sometimes on twitter and other sites.